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Spelling Winners

On Friday 26th May, as it was the end of half term, the spelling winners were drawn! Children from Years 1 -6 each have weekly spellings to learn.  Each time a child gets full marks they receive a raffle ticket which goes into a special jar and a winner is drawn each...

Nursery go planting!

On Thursday 25th May the children from Nursery visited the school garden. The children worked with Mr Gilbert to weed the planters and plant some new seeds which we hope will grow very soon!

Water Safety Workshop

On Monday 22nd May following our whole school RNLI assembly, Year 1 had a special workshop in their classroom. Caroline, a volunteer form the RNLI, worked with the children to teach them how to be safe around all kinds of water – but especially the sea. This was...

Year 1 go planting

On Monday 22nd May Year 1 worked with Mr Gilbert to plant some new seeds. The children weeded the garden and prepared the soil before planting seeds which they how will grown very soon!

Year 5 visit the garden!

On Tuesday 23rd May Year 5 went to our school garden to take out the weeds and plant some seeds. The children worked together to make sure the seeds were well planted and understand that they need to water them regularly to make sure they grow. Well done Year...