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St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hillcrest Road, Dudley

Everyone at St. Joseph's would like to welcome you to our happy and caring school.

Our website gives you lots of information about our school and we hope you will enjoy looking around and finding out more about the many interesting and exciting things that happen here – whether you are a pupil, parent, parishioner, prospective parent, governor, staff member or even a past pupil from long ago!

Our school is committed to safeguarding and safe practices and you can read our policy in the useful information section.

Enjoy your time on our website and don't forget to leave us a message in our guestbook. Have a good visit!

Awards won by our school

New Things on our Web

  • 20 Nov 14: Details of a Parents' eSafety Workshop on 4 December.
  • 20 Nov 14: A timetable of donations requested for the school's Christmas Fair.
  • 20 Nov 14: New School Staff photographs.
  • 20 Nov 14: A new photograph of our Principal, Mr Hinton.
  • 20 Nov 14: Year 1 performed Meerkat Mail at their celebration assembly.
  • 20 Nov 14: All year groups have enjoyed visits to our local cinema.
  • 20 Nov 14: Year 1 leant how to use the PE equipment safely.
  • 20 Nov 14: Year 1 children learnt how to make some healthy pizzas.
  • 20 Nov 14: Year 3 made some erupting volcanoes as part of their topic on rocks and soils.
  • 20 Nov 14: Children in Year 4 spent a day finding out about bridges.
  • 20 Nov 14: Year 3 enjoyed some healthy cooking lessons.
  • 20 Nov 14: The IMPS training team came to work with Year 6 on staying safe.
  • 20 Nov 14: Year 6 visited Bishop Milner for a maths Problem Solving Workshop.
  • 24 Oct 14: We held an assembly to celebrate our Polish Link.
  • 24 Oct 14: Year 4 travelled by bus to visit the new Birmingham Library.
  • 24 Oct 14: Year 3 visited the Wrens Nest to learn about rocks and fossils.
  • 21 Oct 14: Letter about Year 3 First Holy Communion.
  • 21 Oct 14: Letter about Year 6 Sacrament of Confirmation.
  • 21 Oct 14: Latest School Newsletter and diary dates.
  • 19 Oct 14: Additional information on our school's Ethos and Values.
  • 19 Oct 14: Updated Charging and Behaviour policies on our Downloads page.
  • 19 Oct 14: Year 3 presented their assembly on the theme of Forgiveness
  • 19 Oct 14: Drawings and photos of new staff members.
  • 13 Oct 14: Updated list of Academy Committee members.
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