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St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hillcrest Road, Dudley

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Anti- Bullying Week

Thursday, 19 November 2020

An example of some of the work children completed!

The week beginning Monday 16th November is national Anti-bullying week.

The theme of this year’s anti-bullying week is – United Against Bullying.

As part of our learning this week, each of the classes have been learning about different aspects of bullying and ways in which we can speak out and stop bullying happening.  Children have looked at why bullying happens, what to do if they feel they are being bullied and how adults and other agencies are there to help.

The children have taken part in all of the activities really sensibly and thoughtfully – well done children!


Anti-Bullying Assembly

Friday, 15 November 2019

Children presenting their work

On Friday 15th November the children form each of the classes (Nursery to Year 6) presented all of their learning about Anti-Bullying.

The children shared work which included: poems, art work and promises and it was clear to see that if we follow Jesus’ teachings that we should never bully each other and should always try to be kind.

Well done everyone!

Zap Training

Friday, 15 November 2019

Year 4 enjoying Zap training

On Wednesday 13th November the children from Year 4 took part in a ZAP Training session with Mrs Cheema our Anti-Bullying Co-Ordinator.

Zap training helps to show children how to be assertive against bullying and equips them with the skills to deal with potential difficult situations.

The children really enjoyed the session and working with Mrs Cheema to help keep themselves safe!

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Friday, 15 November 2019

The lunchtime club!

On Thursday 14th November the Anti-bullying Ambassadors were hard at work delivering a lunchtime anti-bullying club.

The children prepared all of the resources independently and the club was very well attended!

Thank you Ambassadors for all of your hard work!

B-Tales visit at the start of Anti-bullying Week

Monday, 11 November 2019

The B-Tales in action!

On Monday 11th November we were very lucky to be visited by the B-Tales who shared their play – Joe the Dreamer!

The play was based on the bible story of Joseph and his coat of many colours but with a modern twist which looked at jealousy, bullying and the effects this can have on people and the actions it leads them to take.

The children form Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 REALLY enjoyed the performance and asked the actors some very thoughtful questions at the end of the performance.

We really do love having the B-Tales in school and are already looking forward to their next visit in December!

Safer Internet Day

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Year 4 thinking about how to make the internet a safer place

Tuesday 5th February is National Safer Internet Day and we took part by learning even more about ways to use the internet safely and what to do if we spot something which isn’t right.

The theme of this years Safer Internet Day is ‘Together for a better internet’.  The children thought about the part they play in keeping the internet safe and enjoyable for everyone!

Anti-Bullying Assembly

Friday, 16 November 2018

Our Wall of Respect

On Friday 16th November during our Merit Assembly children from each of the classes (from Nursery to Year 6) shared with the rest of the school some of the activities and work that they had completed during anti-bullying week.

It was lovely to hear what each class has been up to during the week and each class contributed a brick to our Wall of Respect which is displayed in the hall.  Each brick displays a promise / pledge that each class has made to celebrate Anti-Bullying Week.

Well done everyone!


Stop Speak Support

Friday, 16 November 2018

Reception class learning how to stay safe online

This Anti-Bullying Week (Monday 12th – Friday 16th November 2018) we have taken part in the first ever Stop Speak Support Day on Thursday 15th November to highlight the issue of cyberbullying.

The day is supported by the Royal Foundation and the Royal Cyberbullying Taskforce set up by the Duke of Cambridge.

All of the children completing a wide range of activities throughout the school to highlight the issue of cyber bullying and how to stay safe online.

Anti-bullying Ambassadors

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Our Ambassadors at work!

During Anti-Bullying Week our St Joseph’s Anti-Bullying Ambassadors have been hard at work!

Throughout lunchtimes the children have planned and delivered a range of activities to children from the rest of the school, including: drawing pictures of themselves and each other, creating anti-bullying posters and making friendship group posters!

We really appreciate all of the hard work from our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors this week – well done children!

The B-Tales perform!

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

The B-Tales in action!

On Tuesday 13th November we were so excited to welcome the B-Tales back into school to perform their paly all connected to Anti-bullying Week.

The play was based on the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den and showed us how a boy called Daniel had been bullying by children when he started a new school in Mr Lyons’ class.

The play reminded us of how important it is to tell an adult if others are hurting or upsetting you and how we can all look after each other to make sure we stay safe and happy.

One child comments, “I felt sad when Daniel was being bullied, I wouldn’t want anyone to feel as lonely as he did.”