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St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hillcrest Road, Dudley

Event - Mission Week Retreat Day

24 November 2017

On Friday 24th November to mark the end of Mission Week in school we held a whole school retreat day.

Dan and Emily came into school to work with us for the whole day. The theme of the retreat day was remembrance.

During the day the children took part in both whole school and class reflections, meditations, singing, prayers and activities which ended with the Mission Team leading the school in prayers and readings.

A lovely and special day in school for everyone. A day of peace and reflection and time to be with Jesus.

We began the day together singing in the hall.
We then played a memory game – trying to remember objects under a cloth!

We learnt some signs to go with one of our songs in school.
We learnt some moves to go with a new song!

We played another memory game which helped us to remember what Jesus has done for us.
Following our in class meditations we shared some of our own reflections.

Our Mission team welcomed everyone back into the hall for our closing Liturgy where everyone was invited to bless themselves.
Our Mission Team led special readings and prayers.

We presented our meditation reflections.
We shared some of our reflections together.